Our Story

Founded in 1983 Arthur S. Shorr & Associates Inc., DBA Shorr Healthcare Consulting has been providing consulting services to healthcare providers; hospitals, long-term care facilities, psychiatric facilities, ambulatory care facilities, and physicians and medical groups in private practice.  Shorr Healthcare Consulting was among the first professional consulting firms specializing in the business and economic agendas of private practitioners.

In 1990 the firm was engaged for the first time in assessing the role and responsibility of a hospital and hospital employees in a major birth trauma litigation on behalf of an injured party. Because of our comprehensive expertise in hospital operations and management, we were able to demonstrate to the court the complex issues of the hospital’s failure to comply with  policies, procedures, rules, regulations and protocols and  the national standards of care obliged of hospitals and their staff in the process of delivering patient care.

As a matter of professional principle, the firm accepts cases from both plaintiff and defense counsel. The firm quickly developed a reputation in the legal community as an advocate for hospital compliance with federal and state licensure laws and the recognized community standards required of hospitals.

Mr. Shorr has devoted a substantial amount of time to teaching graduate students in healthcare administration. He has been an adjunct faculty member of Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan; The University of Southern California, Los Angeles; and The George Washington University, Washington DC. On an ongoing basis, he mentors graduate and postgraduate students. The focus of his curriculum addresses the duties obliged of senior executives in managing complex organizations, to deliver patient care in the safest and most consistent manner. From his personal professional experiences, he has been able to synthesize the relationship between executive and management accountability to the process and practice of day-to-day hospital administration and convey this to future industry leaders.

It is this unique blending of practical hands-on experience and academic perspective that has distinguished Mr. Shorr and the firm as advocates for maximizing patient safety and compliance with the administrative standards of care.